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  • Mom, ultrarunner, WordPress amateur, classical musician, horse trainer, consummate nerd

The Basics

Date of birth:


Place of birth:

Medicine Lodge, KS, in a tiny hospital

Currently residing in:

Wichita, KS

Marital status:


Some regular work
Being mom
Working on this badass site


Shaunnessey Platt – 15
Wyatt Barker – 8





Shoe size:


Best physical feature:

Legs and ass

Worst physical:

My extra lbs!



Political affiliation:

My lips are sealed. ;D

Educational background:

GenEds at Wichita State University
Nearly all my BA Economics courses (for a major) and some of my BS Computer Science courses for a second major – Wichita State University
Paralegal certificate

Personal strength(s):


Personal weakness(es):

My fried memory and distractions of “momming”

Make of car you drive:

Chevy Malibu

Make of car you would like to drive:

Jeep Sahara Wrangler


Chesty, the English bulldog
Willow, the little black rabbit
Two beta fish


Favorite author:

Robert K. Massie and Jeffrey Toobin

Favorite book:

Catherine the Great, by Robert K. Massie

Favorite non-running magazine:

Vogue, Architectural Digest, Fine Cooking

Favorite movie:

Too many. Wolf of Wall Street… maybe!

Favorite TV show:

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Swedish version

Favorite actor(s)/actress(es):

Emma Stone or Margot Robbie

Favorite music:

Early 20-th century Russian classical piano

Favorite musical performer:

Vladimir Horowitz, Anne-Sophie Mutter, H. Holliger

Favorite artist:

Claude Monet

Favorite spectator sport:

NFL football, western European showjumping

Favorite subject in school:


Favorite game:

Don’t have one

Favorite vacation destination:

I badly want to visit St. Petersburg & Moscow.

Favorite time of day:

Early morning hours

Favorite item of clothing:


Favorite non-running leisure activity:

Playing piano

Favorite crew/pacer person(s):

Favorite place to run:

Elk City trails, aka FlatRock trails

Favorite type of running surface:

Rocky, rooty, hilly singletrack

Favorite famous quote:

Ultra Stuff

Number of years running ultras:


Best ultra performance(s):

My first 50-miler

Most memorable ultra:

My first 50

Typical training week(s) before a major race:

Hills – always with the hills – and a little bit of tapering


None yet… fingers crossed!

Ultrarunning idol:

Kilian Jornet, Camille Herron, Courtney Dauwalter

Why do you run ultras?

To force me to take better care of myself and take a little more “me” time

Advice for other ultrarunners:

Go out slow!
Be meticulous about taking care of the three major issues:
– Hydration/electrolytes
– Fueling
– Chafing


Personal hero:

Catherine the Great

Personal philosophy:

Short-term goal:

Long-term goal:

Most prized possession:

Most proud achievement:

Happiest memory:

Secret ambition/fantasy:

Greatest adventure:


Least-liked subject:

Social studies

Least-liked household chore:


Pet peeve(s):

Loud chewing

Greatest fear:

Dying before my kids are raised
Falling to my death

Spare Time

Book currently reading:

I’m building this site!


Playing piano, cooking, running ultras


Potato mashers I got from my aunt

What’s next?

Finishing my first hundo!

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.

Friedrich Nietzsche