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  • Veteran ultrarunner/walker with over 120,000 miles on foot and four decades of competition so far.

The Basics

Date of birth:


Place of birth:

Arkansas City, KS

Currently residing in:

Round Rock, TX

Marital status:



Retired from teaching Physics and Astronomy
Currently tutoring these subjects
Personal Trainer
Golf teacher


5 step children, two grandchildren




Shoe size:


Best physical feature:

Worst physical:


Political affiliation:

Educational background:

B.S. in Math
M.Ed. in Exercise Science
M.S. in Nutrition

Personal strength(s):

Personal weakness(es):

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Favorite vacation destination:

Mountains anywhere

Favorite time of day:

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Favorite type of running surface:

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Ultra Stuff

Number of years running ultras:


Best ultra performance(s):

National championship wins in the 100K racewalk (1986) and 24-Hour run (1989)
230.4 miles in a 48-Hour race (in a losing effort!)

Most memorable ultra:

Too many to mention. Any races where I was competitive against strong athletes are the best memories. Equally memorable are the times when things came apart, but I still worked through it to finish. Saddest of all were the DNFs, but in over 120 trips beyond the marathon, some had to be less than stellar.

Typical training week(s) before a major race:

Starting 10 weeks before the race, I increase mileage 10% per week focusing on two long days back-to-back each week. I taper the week of the race only.


Relatively injury free
Tight hamstrings leading to lower back problems currently

Ultrarunning idol:

Yiannis Kouros

Why do you run ultras?

You can feel like you are risking life and limb without actually doing so, mostly.

Advice for other ultrarunners:

Set big goals, but give yourself time to develop. Patience is a huge virtue in this sport. Take the long view.


Personal hero:

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Spare Time

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