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    Favorite Trail Shoes:
    Mizuno Wave Inspire

    Favorite Pavement Shoes:
    Mizuno Wave Inspire

    Favorite Mud Shoes:
    Mizuno Wave Inspire

    Favorite Socks:

    Favorite Gators:

    Favorite Headlamp:

    Favorite Headband/Hat:

    Favorite Protein Supplement:
    Hammer Nutrition Protein Powder

    Favorite Race Fuel:

    Favorite Recovery Supplement:

    Favorite Electrolytes:

    Favorite Lube/Anti-Chafing:

    Favorite Foot Lube/Anti-Chafing:

    Favorite Running Watch:

    Favorite Running Undergarment:

    Favorite Playlist Song:

    Favorite Playlist Artist:

    Favorite Medium-Distance (50K to 100K) Hydration Pack:

    Favorite Long-Distance (100 Miles or Greater) Hydration Pack:

    Favorite Trekking Poles:

    Favorite Fastpack:

    Favorite Self-Protection (Weapon, Pepper Spray, Etc.):

    Favorite Aid Station Food:

    Favorite Aid Station Beverage:

    Favorite Pre-Race Meal:

    Favorite Post-Race Meal:

    Favorite Post-Race Beverage:

    Hold your fire, keep it burning bright. Hold the flame, till the dream ignites. A spirit with a vision, is a dream with a mission.

    Neil Peart