Change Log

Coming Soon

  • Apps! The code is being tweaked to get the submission accepted.
  • Complete profile overhaul for a more intuitive Facebook-like feel, including a regular, square cover photo. PLEASE SEND SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE!!!
  • Uploading photos and videos directly from the activity feed

Head to our contact form to submit your suggestions and requests!

July 2021

  • Shirt added to membership sign-up

June 2021

  • Android app accepted into the Google Play Store!
  • Race entry pages consolidated and now in dropdown format

May 2021

  • Fixed lightbox issue with viewing photos on the activity feed
  • Fixed GDPR “cookies” text showing up in shared link data
  • Fixed a hard-coded width issue that was distorting photos in the activity feed
  • Other miscellaneous styling issues (repositioning elements on the web page)
  • Added a delete button so users can delete race entries themselves for correction and re-entry.
  • Added an “Other Name” field where users can enter a maiden name, other married name, etc., for race verification.
  • Added a required race distance field to the volunteering form to help prevent people entering volunteering at events which are not ultras (minimum 31.06 miles).